Preliminary Diagnosis: Pneumonia. After admission, he received continuous high flow oxygen. Levofloxacin , azithromycin and moxifloxacin were used for bacterial infection and oseltamivir was used for viral infection . At the same time, diammonium glycyrrhizinate, potassium and magnesium aspartate were used to protect the liver.  Ambroxol was prescribed as an expectorant. Sophylline was prescribed as an antispasmodic Asthma was treated symptomatically

Excerpts from Study: 

December 24th: After taking Chinese medicine continuously for 15 days, routine blood tests revealed: WBC 6.9 × 109/L, NEUT% 61.6%. CRP 4.35mg/L. Blood biochemistry: CK, LDH, ALT, and AST all returned to normal. Creatine phosphate was discontinued and glutathione dose was reduced.

December 28th: Reviewed chest radiograph: Compared with the film of December 8, the lesions in both lungs were slightly absorbed. Blood tests: WBC 6.1×109/L, NEUT% 54%. The patient occasionally coughed without producing sputum. There was no chest tightness and no shortness of breath. Ambroxol was discontinued.

December 30th: After continued observation for 2 days, there was no recurrence and he was discharged.

At Discharge: The patient occasionally coughed without sputum, had no chest tightness, but had shortness of breath. There was no significant wheezing after getting out of bed for 10 minutes. On physical examination, a small amount of velcro rales were still present in the posterior fields of both lower lungs. The heart rate was 78 beats/min.