Research & Events



  • Develop wellness and health concepts, Harmony Health Concepts (HHCs) based on the fusion of Eastern and Western concepts.  
  • Establish Harmony Health Standards (HHSs), for identification, assessment, and intervention of wellness and health status based on the newly developed Harmony Health Concepts. 
  • Develop technologies in various areas, including artificial intelligence, to promote Harmony Health Status identification, evaluation, and intervention.


  • Collect data and results in five areas— identification, assessment, insurance, and artificial intelligence based on the Harmony Health Concepts.  The obtained data and results can be used to optimize qualities and functions of products and services in Harmony Health identification, evaluation, and intervention, and to further assist in establishing the standards for identification, assessment, intervention, and insurance based on HHCs and HHSs.


  • Identify research projects using the traditions of Ancient Chinese medicine with Eastern medicine.
  • Post / announce funding opportunities.
  • New application submission deadline.
  • Review and evaluate proposals with the board.
  • Final selection of projects for funding negotiations and agreements.
  • Funding negotiation and distribution arrangements established.
  • Cooperation, collaboration, supervision and evaluation of all final results.


First Harmony Health Forum | Postponed: Feb/March 2021

First Harmony Health Forum | Postponed: Feb/March 2021

-About  The Harmony Health Forum is an evidence-based symposium designed to educate and inspire integrative practitioners though clinically relevant presentations and discussions about East-West medicine methods for the treatment of COVID-19 and Influenza.  At the...

Respiratory Detox Shot for COVID-19 control and prevention analysis

Respiratory Detox Shot for COVID-19 control and prevention analysis

Abstract Objective: The Lung-toxin Dispelling Formula No.1 (referred to as Respiratory Detox Shot, RDS) was established based on the theory of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) medicinal properties and the classical prescription of TCM. It has demonstrated...